I still love you , Please come back text-align: center;

I still have feelings for 

you & 
no matter how many 
I tell myself that I'm better off without 
you, a part of me just 
won't let go .

You are the meaning of my
You are the dream of my
You are the lyrics of my
feelings You are the literature of
my silence
You are the journey of my
You are the translation of
my path You are the difination of
my dignity
You are the every thing for
I am nothing without you
So please dont leave me I want you stay in mylife

Dear K, I realize that we are miles
apart, but just know my feelings for you
are still the same. Just hearing your
name makes my heart race. I miss you
more and more. I understand we brooke
up, and just the though of you with her
hurts me even more and more. You lied
and I cryed. You left, and I stayed. You
ripped my heart out, and after all this
still just thinking about us makes me
want you back. I want the best for you
even if the best isn't me. Just know that
where ever you go, I love you.

I Wait For A Text..
I See You I Wait For A Hello..
I Check My Facebook To
See If You
Wrote On My Wall. :( Everyday I Tell My Friends How
Much I Miss You..
Everyday I Find Myself Let Down..
But Everyday I Still Find Hope...
Everyday I can realize I can't forget